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Information for Librarians and Trainers

The goal of MedlinePlus is to bring appropriate, authoritative health information to those who need it. We appreciate your efforts in training people on how to use MedlinePlus. Here are some training resources which might help you with your classes and health fairs.

Resources for Teaching MedlinePlus

    MedlinePlus Tour

    • MedlinePlus Tour in English and Spanish - A narrated tour of the main features of MedlinePlus. The video runs about 2.5 minutes.

    MedlinePlus Brochures

    • MedlinePlus PDF Brochure - in (updated February 2018) and (updated February 2018)
    • PDF Brochure (updated December 2016)
    • PDF Brochure (updated May 2016)
    • MedlinePlus XML Data Sources PDF Brochure (updated December 2013)

Resources for Teaching How to Find Health Information Online

    Specific Populations

    • - PDF (University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition)

Have you created a materials you would like to share with other trainers? If so, please .